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Balancing Wheel (Tula Urdhva Dhanurasana)

“Tula” means “balance” in Sanskrit & like a bicycle balances on two wheels, this wheel pose variation balances on two extremities: 1️⃣🖐🏼 & 1️⃣🦶🏻

Warm up for this one with a lot of wrist exercises: wrist circles, jazz hands, etc. and backbend such as cobra, upward facing dog, and locust. 

Continue on the journey with traditional wheel, then one-footed wheel (one leg up in the air) and then one handed wheel (one arm up in the air) finally coming to balancing wheel!

P.S. It helps to have a firm but soft floor as a landing pad because, most likely, you’ll fall a bit a few times! I know I do!

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