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Feel narcissistic constantly posting selfies on ig?

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

When someone new checks out your ig feed, is it (self-serving) selfie after selfie? Mine was too once - it got me feeling ridiculously self-centered to the point I would dread - or just avoid - posting.

Butttttttttt (no, not butt! Just a long ”but”!) students would come to class more often when I posted than when I didn’t! So I had to deeply brainstorm a way to conquer ig so that posting felt good & positive again!

After much wine and many, many ideas, I came up with this: why not actually TEACH yoga on ig instead of just posting poses? This is when I switched up my feed and shit got real. I’m talking a crazy amount of more followers, likes, comments, features and shout-outs.

Each new post was a tutorial! I like video, but you can totally do it via photos too. Text overlays showing • dos & don’ts (check out “Yoga by Candace“ on Pinterest)

• tips for a particular pose (@omniyogagirl on ig)

• vinyasa sequence ideas (

• pose variations (@the_exit_strategy on ig)

• anatomy highlights (@yogaactionhiro on ig)

• step-by-step Pinterest-style collages (@yogawithjib on ig)

• new pose ideas (blatent plug for me @jude.kuipers on ig)

Give it a try & watch your ig blow up!

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