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How to add music to your videos without getting them taken down!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

How to add music to your Instagram feed (without having them removed!)

Where to get music?


The cheapest and easiest version is royalty free music. There are several sites for this and here are a few of my favorites:

Once you download your music, add it to your video in your video editor software like Videoshop (iTunes or Google Play) or iMovie.


Pay for your music via an app - my favorite is Videoshop (iTunes or Google Play) – you can buy a single song and use it as you’re making your video. The music is purchased via iTunes and it’s usually $1-2. The music gets added to your video right in the app before you even publish!

TIP #1 Don’t start the music right away - add it a few seconds after the video starts.

TIP #2 Give credit - this helps your posts to avoid getting flagged.

TIP #3 Use instrumental tracks if you’re going to do a voiceover.

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